So You Don't Want A Ford

So you don't want a Ford...

Of the big three US auto manufacturers, only Ford pulled up their boot straps and pulled out their ingenuity to make a comeback without a government hand-out which allowed them to keep their own financing; Ford Credit.  Isn't that what each of us hard working Americans have to do when things get tough?

Ford is making strides in safety by offering the first inflatable seatbelt for 2nd row, outboard passengers.  In design, with the Aston Martin inspired Fusion; a mid-size sedan with the look of a $10,000 more luxury auto. And in fuel economy by offering hybrids and electric vehicles along with the totally redesigned 2015 F150 truck and ecoboost engines options for the Ford lineup.

But if you don't find a Ford vehicle that's right for you and you choose another manufacturer, we at Kistler Ford will teach you how to get the BEST PRICE on that other vehicle.  That is how much we believe in customer service!

It's called Kistler Ford's Free Buying Program and this is how it works:

A Few 2015 Mustang Secrets

I was inspired by the photo I took (below) to write a few secrets about the 2015 50th anniversary Mustang.

The photo doesn't do justice to the incredible display of colors on this warm spring evening.
The mustang has been around for fifty years and many of it's fans know the ins and outs of this vehicle like it was their hometown football team.  But there are a few secrets this car holds that you may not know.
First, there is a sunglass stowage in the instrument panel:
 A  hidden drop-down bin houses the owner manual, leaving more space in the lockable glove compartment to store personal items:
 Intelligent Access with Push Button Start comes standard on all 2015 Mustangs.  This allows the driver to have the key fob in their pocket or purse (within 36") and open the locked door and start the car with a push of a button.  No more scrambling in the cold, feeling for which pocket you placed your keys in.  Because this is feature is used on a daily bases, the battery may wear out expectantly and this is where the secret comes in.
If you look at the center console, at the inside of the rear cup holder, there is a tab.  Lift the tab to reveal a key fob slot.  Place the key fob into the slot to start the vehicle if there is signal interference or a low battery condition.
 Smart unlock feature is intended to prevent the Intelligent Access key fob from being locked inside the vehicle and the key fob also includes a removable mechanical key, allowing access to vehicle if the key fob battery is dead.
Now that's intelligence!

Luxury Meets Toughness 2015 F150

The all new F150 lineup includes the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch & Platinum. A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to take the 2015 Fl50 Lariat home.  This trim level is where luxury meets toughness with the science to back it.

What makes the all new F150 so exceptional is that the body panels are made out of military grade aluminum allowing the truck to weigh 700 lbs. less then the 2014 F150.  This allows for more tow capacity (up to 12,200 lbs.) and better fuel economy.  It also allows for the combination of power and efficiency with the all new 2.7 L. ecoboost engine which has 325 horsepower, 375 ft lbs of torque and gives you 19/26/22 (City/Hwy/Comb) EPA fuel economy.  The aluminum body inhibits rust perforation and dent depths are 30% less deep vs steel body panels.

But don't let the lighter weight be confused with less strength.  The 2015 F150 has a fully boxed steel frame that uses 78% high strength steel vs 2014 F150's 23% high strength steel.

The 2015 F150 is more aerodynamically designed with a active grille shutter system, headlamps that are pushed out to allow air detachment and a laid back windshield are just a few of the many design improvements.

But what I am really loving about the lariat is convenient luxury features such as: 
  • Front-facing LED spotlights are included on the left-hand and right-hand outside mirrors; perfect when changing a tire or finishing up work in the evening.
  • Tailgate Step with Tailgate Lift Assist; new fully integrated design stows inside the tailgate, out of the way, helping keep out dirt and debris, and creating a smooth, flat tailgate surface
  • LED box light; angled toward load and works seamlessly with a tonneau cover.
  • BoxLink with premium locking cleats allow you to customize box space and add accessories.
  • PowerScope power-folding/power-telescoping trailer tow mirrors allow the truck to fit in tight spaces with the touch of a button.
  • Twin panel Vista Roof for more light and openness.
  • 360 degree camera which has many functions but one of my favorite is the Dynamic Hitch Assist which uses a center line that moves as steering adjustments are made.  It displays the projected path, diminishing the need for a spotter.
  • Optional heated steering wheel and heated/cooled seats.
There are so many options and configurations for the 2015 F150 that it is best to make an appointment with me at Kistler Ford to BUILD YOUR OWN TRUCK with our 3D display and email your creation to yourself!