Struggling with Weight-loss?…Part 2

Insulin was the culprit, blockading my weight-loss progress. My doctor knew this from studying my FitDay journal. Although my overall calories were low, my carbohydrate consumption was high.

How are insulin and carbohydrates connected to weight? Carbohydrates are turned into glucose thru the digestion process. The glucose is absorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. The pancreas is signaled to release the hormone insulin which helps move the glucose from the blood stream into the cells for energy use, thus prevents blood sugar levels from remaining too high.

This is where the “text book answer” ends. In reality, myself , along with millions of other people are finding that instead of glucose being converted to energy, it’s being converted to fat. This happens as a result of long-term carb consumption burning out the receptors that recognize the insulin. The pancreas then puts out more insulin to get the receptors moving the sugar into the cells. This process snowballs until a person has to continually overproduce insulin to stabilize blood sugar.

Eventually, no amount of insulin is enough to lower blood sugar levels and the person is labeled
Insulin Resistant. When too much glucose is circulating in the bloodstream, the liver converts the excess to FATTY ACIDS -> TRIGLYCERIDES -> BODY FAT.

Dr. Gerald Reaven began research at Stanford University in the 1960s into the mechanism of balancing blood sugar and coined the phrase “Syndrome X” (insulin resistance). Reaven approximated 50% of all overweight people in the U.S. (not already diagnosed with diabetes or glucose intolerance) are Insulin Resistant. Additionally, 25% non-overweight people (haven’t put on the weight yet) are Insulin Resistant.

In Part 3 you'll see:

  • Before and After Photos
  • What Foods I Ate
  • Books with Additional Information
  • How Lowering Carbohydrates Improves Health and Lowers Risk Factors for Other Diseases


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