Struggling with Weight-loss?...Part 3 with Photos

Here I am on the right about 45 lbs lighter. I feel better than ever, mentally and physically.

Although, I'm a proponent of exercise, I didn't do any to lose my weight. I chose not to exercise for two reasons:
1. To prove that weight can still be shed even if you can not exercise due to your weight or pain (many times caused by one's weight).

2. To prove that not all calories are created equally. It's not as simple as calories in, calories out as my previous weight-loss attempt confirmed. Food causes a chain reaction of processes in our bodies that can put our health in a state of vitality; ready to defend and resist, or susceptibility.

There are many “low carb diets” to choose from including Atkins, South Beach, The Zone Diet and Protein Power. I didn’t follow any one specific diet but instead used them all as a reference. My eating, I would say, is more of a hunter/gatherer, Paleolithic lifestyle that consists of leaner proteins (preferable non-grain fed for obvious reason), vegetables, nuts and berries (a list can be seen here). My daily total carb count was never over 20 grams due to being extremely insulin resistant but you may find that to be too high or low. In either case it’s important to eat only carbs that are healthy; that means no grains or starchy vegetables (usually anything that grows below ground).

  • Kept daily carb intake to 20 or below.
  • List of foods I ate can be found here.
  • Never counted calories-just ate till I felt full.
  • I ate the recommended daily protein which can be calculated here.
  • If possible don’t have high carb foods available at home.
  • Always have low carb snacks available so you don’t reach for the high carb items.
  • Used FitDay to see the protein and carb content of different foods.
  • Referenced the book “Protein Power” and companion website for encouragement and information; life changing information!
  • First 2 weeks I felt sluggish (my body was switching over to a different fuel) but after that I lost all cravings for carbohydrates.

My husband and dad both decided to follow my lead and lost 60 lbs and 55 lbs without any exercise. My husband stands all day for his job and was having debilitating knee pain which disappeared as the pounds fell off. Once my husband reached 199 lbs he went in for a physical which he passed with flying colors. His cholesterol panel reflected his low-carb eating habits; raised HDL and super low triglycerides. Yes low carb eating directly lowers your triglycerides! Eating correctly isn’t just about weight-loss, it’s about reclaiming your health.

As Joseph Brasco, MD points out, “whenever cereal-based diets were first adopted as a staple food replacing the primarily animal-based diets of hunter-gatherers, there was a characteristic reduction in stature, a reduction in life span, an increase in infant mortality, an increased incidence of infectious disease, an increase in diseases of nutritional deficiencies (i.e., iron deficiency, pellagra), and an increase in the number of dental caries and enamel defects.”

Micheal Eades, MD agrees, “Attending conferences and studing anthropology, where we learned what paleopathologists and anthropologists have known for years: the agricultural revolution and the increased consumption of carbohydrates it brought along with it played havoc with the health of early man.”

Carbohydrates and an overabundance of Insulin can lead to many conditions and diseases. Here are a few to get you started on your own research.

I am currently reading "Life Without Bread-How a Low-Carbohydrate Diet Can Save Your Life". I can barely put this book down and highly recommend it. Scientifically researched but easy to understand, this book explains how Low Carb eating improves your health.

It is imperative to seek your doctors advice before changing your diet. I cannot stress this enough! Low Carb eating can lower insulin requirements which in turn would require less insulin medication if you are a diabetic. The same is true if you have high blood pressure; your medication requirement may be less. Just the fact of losing weight will require a lower dose of most medications.

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