To Supplement or Not to Supplement?……That Is The Question!

Do you really need to take vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements if your eating healthy? You may not realize food’s nutritional value has decreased while toxins and Chemicals have increased.

In recent times, we’ve all heard about the need to eat food high in omega 3s. Salmon has some of the highest concentrations of this good fat. When you order grilled salmon at your favorite restaurant (or purchase at it at the grocery store), chances are you are actually getting “farm raise” (also known as “ocean raised”) fish. Farm raised salmon are inferior to wild in nutritional value and high exposure to antibiotics and pesticides.

In a study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) comparing the nutrient profiles of wild versus farm raised fish and shellfish, it was determined that:

  • Despite being much fattier, farmed fish provided less usable beneficial omega 3 fats than wild fish.
  • Due to the feedlot conditions of aqua farming, farm-raised fish are doused with antibiotics and exposed to more concentrated pesticides than their wild counter parts. Farmed salmon, in addition, are given a salmon colored dye in their feed to turn their flesh pink so they look like their wild kin.
  • Aquafarming also raises a number of environmental concerns, the most concerning is the negative impact on wild salmon. It has now been established that sea lice from farms kill up to 95% of juvenile wild salmon that migrate past them. (krkosek M, Lewis MA. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA.)

After you’ve finished your salmon, you turn your plate to enjoy a vegetable medley and dessert of berries full of nutrients-but is it? How do vegetables and fruits acquire their nutrients?….from the soil. But current commercial farming methods based on maximizing revenues aren’t always concerned with crop rotating, ph balance of soil or the other many requirements to produce highly nutritious produce. Most large commercial farms are heavy on pesticides and are open to the use of genetically modified plant DNA in order to produce fast growing, low maintenance foods. The result of all our “modern” technology is a decrease in the nutrient profiles of our produce over the last 40 years. If your interested in viewing the charts that showcase the nutrient decline from 1951 to 1999 click here.

Our food supply has been stripped of nutritional value yet our toxic load has increased. Vitamins and minerals are foundational to good health while antioxidants help to rid the body of free radicals and cells with DNA damage caused by chemicals and toxins. Taking supplements provides your body with needed nutrients you may not be getting from your diet and improve your health, In what is being called a landmark study conducted by the University of California Berkeley, concluded that long-termed dietary supplement users had markedly better overall health than non-supplement users. View additional information on this study here.

Disclaimer: I am a Shaklee distributor. Their products are one of the few that aren’t manufactured in China and shipped for sale in the U.S.. 95% of all supplements are made in China.


  1. I've been told repeatedly by water plant employees about the leftover vitamin pill chunks that don't get digested and have to be filtered out at the wastewater treatment plants. Do you know of any good, safe supplements that are more easily digested? I hate to spend money on something that's not doing me as much good as it should.

  2. Hi Lucky Girl, Thank you for your question. I feel exactly as you do. Who wants to spend money without getting the benefits. That's why I personally take, as does my entire extended family, Vitalea by Shaklee. First and foremost Shaklee vitamins are not made in China. Secondly Shaklee is very aware that it is important to make sure that certain nutrients are absorbed in the right places.

    For instance: Omega 3's should be absorbed in the beginning of the small intestines. So Shaklee's Omega 3's are pH balanced to dissolve when they come in contact with the bile in the small intestines. Here is more information about the S.M.A.R.T delivery system:

    Vitalea is sold in 3 different sizes(30, 60, 120 servings) and also in a supplement strip that includes omega 3's, Vit C, B vits, and opti-flora for the gut.

    Here is a link for the 30 serving:

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  3. Lucky Girl, I also wanted to let you know that if you'd like a free sealed sample of the vitalea, just email me with your address and I'll send it right out.

  4. If you eat a clean diet that consists of mostly unprocessed foods, your supplementation needs should be minimal. Unfortunately, most people (even those that consider their diet to be healthy) eat well enough to cover proper nutritional needs.

    Just remember that nutritional supplements are designed to fill holes in an otherwise healthy diet. NOT be a substitute.