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If you’ve read about my weight-loss, then you’ll know that at one time I was an avid runner. I have so many wonderful memories including crossing the finish line with my husband at the Cherry Festival 10K.

Fast forward to now. I haven’t been running for quite some time. After I lost my excess weight, I was going to start a fitness program, but that changed when in May ‘08 I was diagnosed with Vertigo. It has been a long recovery which I’ll speak more about in the spring; If you have questions now about it you can email me at .

My eleven year old daughter recently came home from school and said she would like to participate in the school’s cross country club. Mind you, we live in northern Michigan and my town is known for it’s snow accumulation and low temperatures.
My daughter also isn’t naturally built to run. She’s only 4’ 4” and one of the shortest students in her class.

But my daughter is persistent and told me she really wanted to run. So we went shoe shopping and looking for yak traks to provide some traction on the snow.

I was overwhelmed with awe at my sweet daughter and her ambition. I remember once when she said to me, “If I put my mind to something, I do it”. Her words echoed in my head and I made a commitment to her that I’m going to start back running so we can run in a race and cross the finish line, together.

So this last week I started running on the treadmill and I’ll be quite honest, I’m not very fast. In fact, I announced to my 17 year old son that I’ve taken up running again. He asked, “So what’s your speed?” I told him I’m at 13 mins/per mile and he questioned, “Are you walking?”

Thinking about this, it came to me that we all have to take our first step in taking control of our health. Whether we are trying to lose weight, change eating habits or manage a condition/disease, we have to start somewhere. But if we keep going, step by step, our lives will become healthier than they were. It’s when you give up, then you have loss the opportunity to change your future.

Earlier today, a friend sent this video to me and again I was inspired: Nick Vujicic

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