Ancient Minerals - New Product Line

After reaping many benefits from using transdermal magnesium, I am now offering Ancient Minerals for purchase.  Please click the contact link to the left with your selection. You can choose from:
  • 8oz spray oil - (it has no oil in it) This is perfect for maximum dosing and is quickly absorbed. If you have sensitive skin, this can be diluted with water.
  • 8oz gel - contains aloe and may be better suited for sensitive skin. Perfect for massage since it stays moister, longer.
  • 6.5lbs flakes - add to bath or a foot soak. Although this is the least potent of the three, it’s unique in that it uses heat and water to open the pores for absorption. This is perfect for really sensitive skin and leaves no residue. I use it daily.


  1. Your blog is very attractive and eye-catching, Action. And your Ancient Minerals are intriguing! Well done!


  2. Hey there! I meant to leave you a comment days ago! Where does time go? Thank you so much for the compliment on my altered comp notebooks! I loved your idea about the Mothers day one! Might just make that one for my own Mom! I need to put some in Bonanzle. I did put some new ones in my shop on artfire. I have 4 shops now..It's a wonder I get any Just when I think about closing one. I get a sale there!
    Love your blog! Back to work!