What Brand of Supplements Should I choose

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I'm quite frequently asked what brand of nutritional supplements I recommend?  To qualify my answer let me first tell you a bit about myself.  Besides HHC certification, I have also been trained and certified on the proper use of supplementation to improve health.  But before any of my training I questioned whether there is really a need for nutrients outside of food sources and came to the conclusion, absolutely YES.  You can read why here.

Through my research, I found that....

  • can be labeled natural and still contain 90% synthetically created vitamin.
Synthetic vitamins are not exact replicas of natural vitamins. This becomes blatantly obvious when a beam of polarized light is passed through; The light always bends to the right in natural vitamins.  When passing through synthetic supplements, the light splits and bends to the right AND to the left.  Under "optimal" conditions, only 50% of the nutrients in synthetic vitamins versus 100% natural vitamins are able to be absorbed.  Dr. Charles Scheider, Ph.D., professor of Chemistry, University of Cincinnati concluded wisely, "Per energy unit or per use, the natural will be cheaper."
  • aren't proven to be absorbed 
Very few supplement companies allow their products to be independently tested, clinically researched and published in peer reviewed medical journals.  So how do we know that the label of ingredients reflects what is in the product and that it will be assimilated into the blood stream for the body to use?  Yet, these same companies will spend millions of dollars on advertising and packaging claims.  If supplements are not properly formulated and Ph balanced (according to each nutrient) for proper absorption then they will be excreted from the body.

For example:  Omega 3's must make contact with bile (at the beginning of the small intestine) in order to be absorbed  but most brands of fish oil capsules open up in the stomach and cause "fish burps".

Folic Acid must be absorbed in the stomach but in most vitamins they are highly compacted with binders and fillers that do not allow the vitamin to breakdown before it passes through the stomach and into the intestines.
  • are imported from China.
Up to 90% of all vitamins come from China.  China is the major supplier of Vitamins C, A, B12 and E.  They also have the reputation of poisoning their own people and exporting tainted product to the U.S. which I've written about here.  According to a CNN interview it's almost impossible to tell which ingredients came from China.

That is why I stand behind Shaklee brand products.
  • Founded on the philosophy of offering products in harmony with nature and good health since 1956
  • Proven to contain what is stated on label and absorbed!
To view Shaklee's clinical studies published in peer review medical journals, click here
  • Made in the USA
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    1. H there, i think Shaklee product is good because one of my friends using this product.

    2. Very good information thanks for posting. I have been finding that drinking more water and eating more fresh cooked meals saves money and makes me feel better

    3. @Anonymous, Isn't it amazing that real food and water can improve our health and well being! It seems so simple yet the American way has complicated it.