Found Your Spironolactone Blog Today!! A story like my own....

I received this letter in response to an article I wrote about my life changing experience with a drug called Spironolactone.  This woman has graciously allowed me to share this so that others will find answers and help.

Hi Sonja,

My name is PS and I am usually a healthy 62 year old female who eats properly most of the time, frequents my local health food store more than supermarkets, and believes in naturally treating the problem rather than seeking an Rx to treat symptoms.  I even presented seminars for natural, bioidentical, transdermal hormone creams 12-15 years ago, encouraging others to do saliva testing for hormone balance rather than blood tests.  I reside in Michigan and I have been going to my family's cottage up in northern MI since I was 5 years old.  What a
great area of our State!

I'd like to congratulate you on your current studies and wish you much success along your chosen path.

I'm so glad I found your blog today.  I was beginning to believe my recent bouts of vertigo and dizziness along with recurring headaches, mental confusion, fatigue, and short-term memory issues were related to my Spiro, and now I am sure of it.  I have been on the drug, 100 mg. in 2 doses of 50 mg. twice daily, for my adult acne, (onset at menopause when I was 47 years old), for about 3-4 years now.  (Spiro is the only prescription I am on.)  It was prescribed when the topical Benzyclin, which was very effective for me for about 2-3 years, finally stopped working when my acne became immune to it and nothing else seemed to work.  (In fact, because I hated all of the potential side effects listed on the drug insert, the Spiro stayed on the shelf for about 9 months before I could bring myself to start taking it, and I only relented because I had some big presentation I was scheduled to do and my chin was such a
mess from the acne.)

Well after all this time, three weeks ago this Monday morning at 2 AM, I sat up in bed to go to the bathroom and my whole room started spinning.  I was powerless to sit there and flopped back on the bed.  My blood pressure has always been on the low side of normal so I immediately thought it must be really low and perhaps I sat up too quickly.  I carefully eased myself to an upright position and as soon as I was vertical the room started to spin and I flopped back on the bed again.  I tried to sit up once more and was finally able to sit upright for the 15 to 20 seconds it took for the room to stop spinning.  I walked hand over hand along the bedroom wall to the bathroom and back to bed
again.  As soon as I was horizontal in bed the room started spinning again for about 15 to 20 seconds.

I laid there awake for another hour and did the same thing to go to the bathroom again 3 AM, and gratefully I had the presence of mind to grab my wastepaper basket on my way back to bed because by 4 AM I was totally powerless to get up and became very violently sick to my stomach, which morphed into the dry heaves until 5:30 PM.  My significant other went to pick up an extremely expensive anti-nausea Rx my doctor finally called in for me late afternoon and brought back some Gatorade to help replenish my electrolytes, ( The ginger ale and dry toast earlier  in the afternoon did nothing for my poor stomach.), and the vomiting finally stopped after 13+ hours.  He bundled me up and off to the nearby med center we went. 

I had no fever, no diarrhea, no aches or pains like the flu, just the vertigo and the non-stop vomiting, so the doc presumed I had a virus infection of the inner ear causing the vertigo, which in turn caused the vomiting, and he thought it would subside in 3 - 4 days.  He gave me 2 Rx's: 20 Meclizine 25 mg. for the vertigo - take 1- 4 times day for 5 days, with 1 refill; and a suppository for nausea, in case I couldn't keep down the expensive oral med my own doc already prescribed.  (I elected not to fill the suppository at that time because I had already spent a bundle and I live only a mile from the pharmacy in case I needed it later - but I never did fill it.)  Your reporting on recent studies of androgen receptors in the inner ear was particular fascinating to me.  (I have a BS in Psychology, which required heavy human sciences: A&P, various biologies and chemistries, etc., with a minor in Communication Arts, and I'm a real sucker for studies and new findings.)

Noticing the "MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS" sticker on the Spiro, I stopped taking that med 3 weeks ago so I wouldn't compound the problem.  I did refill the Meclizine because the vertigo was not gone in 3-4 days, and I took all of the refill but saved the last 25 mg. pill just in case I had another really bad episode.  I continue to sit up very slowly to get out of bed and the vertigo has gradually gotten a little better over the past 3 weeks.  I still have some headaches and dizziness at times when I walk across the room.  I still have mental confusion, inability to focus, and short-term memory issues and feel a little spacey - just not myself.  I'm very fatigued and can sleep very easily sleep 11 to 12 hours at

Well, 3 or 4 days ago I decided I was getting better and could resume a partial dose of my Spiro as a trial because I was starting to breakout on my chin again.  We were at a Super Bowl party last evening and I drank 2 bottles of water from 6 to 10 PM and had a few cups of green tea before we went to the party.  I honestly don't believe I was dehydrated at all.  In the middle of the night I wanted to throw back the top comforter because I was too warm and in my half-asleep state I sat right up in bed to toss the covers, completely forgetting to sit up slowly....and did my world ever start to spin...the worst since 3 weeks ago. 

I called my pharmacy this AM to inquire about the vertigo in connection to my resumption of 50 mg., a half dose, of the Spiro, and then I started looking things up on-line...and I finally landed on your blog.   Thank you, thank you, thank you...I will NEVER take Spiro again.  Knowing how much I appreciated having the case histories of my hormone clients, I thought you might like to have my personal story regarding Spiro and its horrific side effects to add another piece to this puzzle.

I would be most interested in hearing about how your health journey and current studies are going and would be open to perhaps even connecting this summer when I'm in the northern Michigan area. 

Take good care and enjoy!

Yours in health,


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