My Kistler Ford Story

So how is it that a passionate Holistic Health Coach and Wellness Ambassador is now a Product Specialist at Kistler Ford in Toledo, OH?  How would these two seemingly unrelated fields collide with my destiny?

I had plans, interests and contacts all pushing me from behind like the gusting wind toward my goal of going further into corporate wellness.  I was at an exciting pinnacle, praying to be propelled into a promotion within my previous company.  There was this momentum that I was riding and I was so hopeful that I was about to arrive...but God had better plans.

 The holistic side of health coaching has to do with the whole person; mind body and spirit.  We are so much more than the food we eat and exercise we do.  A healthy mind and spirit will influence ourselves to take better care of our body's.

So when I was contacted by the Community Engagement dept of Kistler Ford regarding an employment opportunity with the follow email excerpt:
I am responsible for community relations at a business that specializes in customer service in the automotive industry. Our core objectives are two-fold. One: to hire people that are healthy in mind & spirit, meaning that my colleagues know that God has a higher purpose for our lives than just being at work and making a paycheck. Two: We want to provide an awesome customer experience each and every time like Chick-fil-A or the Apple Store.
I started to question "my own" plans.  I could feel God speaking to ME that He had something better and even more fulfilling in store for ME but I had to step out in faith.  I couldn't worry what others would think about me changing careers and "giving up" health and wellness.

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”
― Henry Ford
Sonja Pauly
Product Specialist
Kistler Ford

C: (385)-2DRIVE1
5555 Central Ave
Toledo, OH 43615 

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