So You Don't Want A Ford

So you don't want a Ford...

Of the big three US auto manufacturers, only Ford pulled up their boot straps and pulled out their ingenuity to make a comeback without a government hand-out which allowed them to keep their own financing; Ford Credit.  Isn't that what each of us hard working Americans have to do when things get tough?

Ford is making strides in safety by offering the first inflatable seatbelt for 2nd row, outboard passengers.  In design, with the Aston Martin inspired Fusion; a mid-size sedan with the look of a $10,000 more luxury auto. And in fuel economy by offering hybrids and electric vehicles along with the totally redesigned 2015 F150 truck and ecoboost engines options for the Ford lineup.

But if you don't find a Ford vehicle that's right for you and you choose another manufacturer, we at Kistler Ford will teach you how to get the BEST PRICE on that other vehicle.  That is how much we believe in customer service!

It's called Kistler Ford's Free Buying Program and this is how it works:

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